| Development of Storage Shed for Agribulk, Rotterdam – The Netherlands
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10 Mar Development of Storage Shed for Agribulk, Rotterdam – The Netherlands


Storage Shed and Material Handling System for Agribulk

The project comprises a storage shed (flat store) for the storage of 60,000 m3 agribulk products including a material handling system consisting of the following elements:

  • A new hopper on existing pier – for receipt of agribulk from barges up to Panamax size bulkcarriers using floating cranes.
  • A new travelling hopper including batch weigher on a new pier – for receipt of agribulk from Panamax size bulk carriers using floating cranes; dispatch to land-based conveying system or directly into barges or coasters using a loading spout attached to the hopper.
  • An intake conveying system with tripper car to distribute the agribulk over the various shed compartments.
  • A wheel loader for reclaiming of the agribulk material from the stockpiles, to be discharged into two hoppers or directly into trucks.
  • An outtake conveying system, connected to a train loading station and waterside pier for loading of barges and coasters.

The material handling system is controlled by a modern PLC/SCADA system and is furthermore equipped with dedusting units and weighing facilities.

Services provided by MHC are:

  • Layout design of the facilities.
  • Preparation of technical specifications and contract documents for the material handling systems.
  • Tendering and assistance during contract negotiations.
  • Project leader for the material handling system including checking of design and supervision during construction.


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Rotterdam, Holland