| Feasibility study Greenfield deep sea port development – Nigeria
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10 Apr Feasibility study Greenfield deep sea port development – Nigeria


Feasibility study Green field deep sea port development - Nigeria

Port Consultants Rotterdam was involved by an external party to make a technical feasibility study and layout study for a new large deep sea port to be developed in Nigeria. The study started with determining the optimum location of the port along the coastline. For the chosen location a preliminary masterplan was drafted, including supporting logistical calculations and preliminary designs of all terminals.

MHC supported PCR with the design and draftswork of the on-shore terminals, consisting of:

  • Liquids terminal.
  • Container terminal.
  • Dry Bulk terminals for various commodities.
  • Off Shore supply bases / Logistic centres.
  • Supporting infrastructure.


Services provided by MHC are:

  • Logistics calculations.
  • Preliminary Design of all terminals, Masterplan drawing.
  • Assessment of required terminal Equipment and Installations, cost estimates.
  • Assessment of capital investment costs (on-shore civil works).
  • Operational cost estimates.


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