| Fertilizer Export Terminal Sokhna Port
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Fertilizer Export Terminal Sokhna Port

05 Mar Fertilizer Export Terminal Sokhna Port


Fertilizer export terminal - Sokhna Port

Fertilizer Export Terminal¬†–¬†Sokhna Port, Egypt

Through the fertiliser terminal, which has started operating in June 2001, annually about 600,000 tons of urea will be exported to overseas markets. The terminal has a storage capacity for 40,000 tons of urea in a warehouse, equipped with intake and outtake conveyors and ship-loading facilities. The shiploader is designed to load vessels up to 45,000 DWT at a rate of 8000 tons per day. The fertiliser is transported from the nearby factory using tipping trucks.

Services provided by MHC are:

  • Layout design of the terminal, including office, sanitation and control room.
  • Capacity calculations for storage, conveyors and loader.
  • Equipment selection and specifications.
  • Calculation of investment and operational costs.
  • Cash-flow and sensitivity analysis.
  • Detailed design of civil, mechanical and electrical works.
  • Civil contracting and construction supervision.
  • Equipment procurement, installation supervision and start-up assistance.


Sokhna Port Development Company (SPDC)


Sokhna Port, Egypt


2000 – 2001