| Sokhna iron-oxide pellets import terminal – Egypt
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02 Sep Sokhna iron-oxide pellets import terminal – Egypt


iron-oxide import terminal sokhna port

Presently EZZ Rolling Mills Co (ERM) is operating a flat-steel factory in the Suez Special Economic Zone near Sokhna Port (GSDC area). ERM intends to expand the factory with a DRI plant which will produce DRI from imported iron oxide pellets (and in the future occasionally lump ore and concentrates). Sokhna Port will be used to import the raw materials

In general terms, the unloading facilities for the iron-oxide import terminal will consist of three mobile harbour cranes and three mobile hoppers operating on the East quay of Basin 1. Conveyor belts will transport the pellets from the quay to the stockpiles, located on the land “behind” the quay. A stacker-reclaimer and a stacker will stockpile the product into and reclaim from the storage area. The reclaimed pellets are transported to a truck loading station for further transport to the DRI plant by trucks.

Services provided by MHC are:

  • Detailed engineering of the terminal infrastructure, including utilities and buildings
  • Project management and supervision  during the construction of the material handling system


ERM / DP World Sokhna


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